TARC seeks input on proposed service changes, fare increases 

Six public meetings set for May 15-17

TARC is proposing raising fares and making service changes, including elimination of nine express routes, to offset a projected $4.6 million budget shortfall next fiscal year which begins July 1.

The changes are proposed at a time when ridership is increasing and TARC is improving service on some routes with targeted federal funding, TARC Executive Director J. Barry Barker said. TARC will continue using federal funds to provide 15-minute bus arrival service on two major routes – Broadway and Bardstown Road (Rt. #23) and Dixie and Preston Highways (Rt. #18). TARC is optimistic it will have additional targeted funding to expand frequent bus arrival times to Fourth Street (Rt. #4) next fiscal year, Barker said.  The frequent and fare-free trolley service downtown will also continue with the help of contributions from business organizations, he said.


“We simply do not have the operating revenue to continue the level of service we now provide everywhere because of rising expenses for fuel, health care, pensions and other costs,” Barker said.  “The proposed changes are designed to keep as much service as possible to meet the greatest needs with a balanced budget.”

The fare increases would take effect July 1 and changes to routes would begin Aug. 12, under the proposal.

“We encourage public feedback on all the proposals and we will carefully consider comments before any decisions are final,” Barker said. 


TARC’s Board of Directors earlier this week approved an upcoming annual budget including proposed fare increases and route changes.  The Board is expected to take final action on a rate increase at a May 22 meeting when TARC also expects to finalize schedule changes.


Under the proposal, one-way adult fare would increase from $1.50 to $1.75 and a monthly pass would increase from $42 to $50.  The proposed rates are in line with public transportation fares charged in Indianapolis and Cincinnati where one-way adult fare is already $1.75.  TARC has not raised its base fare since 2008.

Barker said the proposed route changes are based on an analysis of ridership trends and operating costs. TARC currently operates 46 routes in Jefferson, Bullitt and Oldham counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana. The nine express routes proposed for elimination out of a total of 16 express routes have experienced low ridership and high operating costs, Barker said.

One other route, #74-Jeffersonville, would also be eliminated as part of a major restructuring of TARC service in Southern Indiana, under the proposed changes. 

The proposed Indiana service is designed to better address population and employment centers, with the level of overall service in Indiana unchanged, Barker said. The proposed service would extend to River Ridge Commerce Center in Eastern Clark County and the Veterans Parkway corridor between Jeffersonville and Clarksville.  Routes will continue to cross the river but the Southern Indiana express routes are among those proposed for elimination.


“We are working hard to make our service as responsive to the needs as possible,” Barker said, adding that ridership is up about 10 percent compared to last year and demand is expected to continue to grow as more people seek relief from rising gas prices.

Barker said downtown business organizations are continuing to contribute funds to offset costs relating to TARC’s two fare-free and frequent trolley service routes which will continue to operate without changes.

In the coming year, Barker noted, TARC will use federal grant funds to add a new electronic fare collection system and 16 new clean-diesel buses to the fleet.

“We’re a vital part of the community and people depend on us everyday to get to work, school, medical appointments and to access what life has to offer.  For many people, we are their lifeline. We are going to do everything we can to continue to provide the best service possible,” Barker said.

Six public meetings are scheduled from May 15-17.  Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations, including the provision of information in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.  Language translators will also be provided upon request.  Please call 561-5112 or 561-5115 with specific information on your needs.


Details about this information will be available soon. 


Public Meetings and Comment 

TARC is soliciting public input on the proposed changes through Friday, May 18.

To submit online comments, please click here


Tuesday, May 15        11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Metro Development Center
444 S. Fifth St.




1:30 – 5 p.m. 

TARC Headquarters
Union Station
1000 W. Broadway

Wednesday, May 16       
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Beargrass Christian Church
4100 Shelbyville Rd

            5 – 7 p.m
Clarksville Town Hall
2000 Broadway
Clarksville, IN 
Thursday, May 17   11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Metro Development Center 
444 S. Fifth St.
            5 – 7 p.m.
Iroquois Amphitheater
1080 Amphitheater Rd.



Other ways to comment:

Email: info@ridetarc.org

Phone: 502.561.5112

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ridetarc

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ridetarc

Mail: TARC, Union Station, 1000 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203

Sign up for TARC's e-news service, visit www.ridetarc.org

Below are the proposed route changes and fare increases. 

Descriptions of the route changes can be found at www.ridetarc.org.

Routes proposed for elimination:

#37x – Iroquois-Fairdale Express

#38x – Deering Road Express

#45x – Okolona Express

#49x – Westport Road Express

#53x – Breckenridge Express

#54x – Manslick Express

#65x – Southern Indiana Express

#68x – Prospect Express

#73x – Charlestown Road Express

#74 – Jeffersonville Park and Ride

Routes with proposed changes including maps:  

#18 - Preston St.-Camp Taylor  

#22 – Twenty-Second Street

#29 – Eastern Parkway

#31 – Middletown

#50x – Dixie Express
#55 – Westport Road

#71 – Jeffersonville

#72 - Clarksville-New Albany

New proposed route: 

Route #82 would operate exclusively in Southern Indiana, linking  New Albany, Jeffersonville and Clarksville.


Proposed Rate Increases: 


Current Rates


Proposed Rates

Adult Cash Fare:





Student Ages 6-17:





Senior Citizens:





Citizens w/disabilities















Monthly Pass:





Express Passes:





Express Fare:





10-Ride Tickets:





Special 10 Ride
            $7.50         $8.00
Day Pass             $3.00             $3.50


*effective July 1







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