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2019 Thunder Over Louisville

2019 Thunder Over Louisville

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Louisville, KY (April 05, 2019) – TARC is increasing service into downtown Louisville and designating six post-event boarding areas for Thunder Over Louisville on Sat., Apr. 13. The service plan mirrors TARC’s service for Thunder in recent years but with an extra 68 buses on the street and an added shuttle running from 11th and Broadway to Shawnee Park to accommodate the walking public.

Beginning at 2:15 p.m., on the day of the fireworks, the extra buses will be added to routes serving downtown, to improve the frequency of bus arrival times at stops and adding available capacity. However, closer to the start of the event, downtown routes may be delayed due to police barricades and heavy pedestrian traffic.

About 10,000 passengers are expected to take TARC for the annual fireworks and air show on the river. Passengers are encouraged to plan ahead and know their route number and stop locations.

In an effort to get people home as quickly as possible, post-event boarding in downtown Louisville will be restricted to six locations, most within blocks of the waterfront. Buses will operate until 11 p.m. at those locations (see list below and attached map). Due to traffic, buses have limited access on downtown streets after the event. The boarding locations are designed to keep buses out of heavy traffic as much as possible.

Passengers traveling on TARC from Southern Indiana are cautioned that buses on cross-river routes #71-Jeffersonville, Louisville, New Albany and #72-Clarksville will not make return trips to Indiana after 8pm due to the closure of the Clark Memorial (2nd Street), Lincoln and Kennedy Bridges.

With the exception of bridge access, there will be service in Indiana.

Regular TARC fares will apply. When using cash, a one-way fare is $1.75, when using a MyTARC card one-way fare is $1.50 and includes transfer trips within two hours of initial boarding. TARC ID is required for reduced fare. Children under the age of 5 ride free.


Post-Thunder Boardings (click the link to view the map) Locations listed and on the map are the only downtown boarding options.

Note: Interstate 65 bridges (Lincoln and Kennedy) are expected to close at approximately 8 p.m. on Saturday. When that occurs, Routes # 71 and # 72 will no longer provide service to Louisville. However, service will continue for customers on the Indiana side.

Westbound Routes
Main St. & 9th: 15 18 19 21 23 43
Broadway & 11th: 23

Eastbound Routes
Market St. & Floyd: 15 19 31
Liberty St. & Floyd: 17 21 23 25 40

Southbound Routes
6th & Chestnut: 4 6 63
1st & Muhammad Ali: 2  18 43

For more information, please contact TARC Customer Service at 502.585.1234. Follow our new twitter handle @TARCService for updates.

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