Questions and Answers

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MyTARC Card Basics

  • When will the new fare collection system begin operating?

  • How will I get a Smart Card?

  • How much will a MyTARC Card cost?

  • Why is TARC upgrading its fare collection system?

  • If I use a MyTARC Card, can others who board with me use the card?

  • Where can I add value to my smart card?

Buy or Add Value to MyTARC Card

  • What kind of value can I put on the smartcard?

  • How will I know how much value I have left on my smartcard?

Group/Bulk MyTARC Card Purchases and Passes


  • Will cash still be accepted?

  • Will transfers still be available?

  • How will transfers work?

  • Why won’t cash paying passengers receive paper transfers under TARC’s new policy?

  • Will fares increase?

  • Besides a MyTARC Card and cash, are there other options?

  • Will children 5 and under still ride fare free?

  • What happens to benefits for passengers who now ride with their company or student photo I.D.?

  • Will the University of Louisville continue to ride fare free?

  • Will the downtown all-electric LouLift service still be fare free?

TARC3 and MyTARC Card

  • Will TARC3 tickets still be accepted on fixed route buses?

  • Are TARC3 vehicles part of the new fare collection system?

Lost MyTARC Card

  • What if a MyTARC Card is lost or stolen?