13 Need To Know Facts About MyTARC

  1. TARC is currently testing the new farebox. A launch date will be announced 30-days prior to implementation.



  2. MyTARC cards will cost $5.TARC will waive this fee during the initial promotional period when customers purchase a pass or add value to their MyTARCcard.


  3. MyTARC card users will save $.25 off the standard fare, and receive free transfers valid for two hours.For a limited time, they will also be able to reload stored value onboard the buses at the farebox.


  4. TARC will continue to accept cash payments; however, the standard fare is $1.75, exact fare only. Customers using cash will not be able to receive a transfer.


  5. Paper transfers will no longer be distributed or accepted. Customers will need a MyTARC card to receive a free transfer.


  6. TARC will still offer the same reduced fares that are available today for qualified passengers such as Students (6 - 17), Seniors65+, Medicare cardholders and passengers with disabilities using local and express bus service.



  7. MyTARC cards cannot be shared. The fare box will not accept multiple taps of the same MyTARCcard for a single ride payment.


  8. Registered MyTARC cardholders that report lost or stolen cards will have the remaining balance transferred to a new card. TARC cannot be responsible for charges to the card prior to the reported loss. A new MyTARC card will cost $5.00.


  9. All personal data is stored in a secure and encrypted manner.Financial data related to credit cards is protected in methods consistent with the PCI standards that govern these type of transactions and data.



  10. When launched, MyTARC cards will be sold, registered and reloaded at existing sales locations and via the TARC website - mytarc.ridetarc.org. Online users must use a Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit).


  11. With the new system, a 30-day pass will be good for 30 straight calendar days starting on the first day of usage, not from the first day of a calendar month. TARC is also adding new 24-hour and 7-day pass options for both local and express service.


  12. TARC will continue to honor company and student photo I.D.s. TARC’s downtown circulator LouLift service will remain fare free.


  13. Customers can always contact TARC Customer service at (502) 585-1234 with questions.