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How We Roll

About Us

The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) serves a historic region born from a legacy of satisfying the needs of transit. Transportation is literally at our community’s foundation.


Separated by the Ohio River—a major transportation and trading route—at the location of the Falls of the Ohio rapids, the cities of Louisville and Portland in Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany in Indiana were founded and grew as major hubs of trade and business as travelers came ashore to transport their goods around the river’s only navigational barrier.


TARC values that legacy and continues to honor the rich history that built our service region by striving to provide the best service for all of our passengers across 43 routes, in 5 counties, and 2 states.


As TARC enters its 45th year of service in 2019, our future as a leader in the transit industry is brighter than ever. 


Just this year we launched our regions first electronic-fare system MyTARC, taking us away from the paper tickets and passes of the past, and setting the groundwork for several additional technological advancements.

Also launched this year is our dynamic trip planner. Whether your trip is 100% TARC reliant or we’re just a piece of your larger transportation needs you can plan and pay for all the steps from where you are to where you want to be in one place.


And with WiFi and real time location services for every bus, the list of available amenities and pioneering service improvements continues to grow, with the best yet to come and …just around the corner. 

Just Around the Corner

We have set our sights on becoming the mobility manager—the center of transportation—for the entire region.


We’ve been announced as host of APTA’s 2019 Mobility Conference and International Bus Roadeo, a great honor that will take place here in Louisville this May.


With the launch of our new MyTARC fare system this year, paying your fare as never been more safe, more convenient, or more secure. Coming soon we will be adding our new TARC ticketing app, increasing convenience even more by allowing you to pay fare with your mobile phone.


Our Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)—the very first in the Commonwealth, is a 50 million dollar investment stretching from the Gene Snyder to Downtown, that will improve safety, mobility, and livability along the Dixie Highway corridor. This will include raised medians, and left-hand-only turn lanes, as well as a new intelligent Transportation System with traffic signal timing. This project will improve travel times for both transit riders and motorists. Set to be completed in early 2020.


One of our most ambitious goals currently in the works is TARC LINC, our Comprehensive Operations Analysis and Long-Range Plan. LINC will reshape the future of transit in the Greater Louisville Region. The plan will lay the ground work for a robust, sustainable, and resilient transit system. It will assess current service and develop options for improving efficiency, increasing ridership numbers, attracting new passengers, and address system design for the next 5 – 20 years.  Public input is crucial. Several open houses have been held and will continue to be open for the community to attend and offer feedback and suggestions. A wide range of improvement alternatives will be considered. Please make plans to attend and view these reports as they are published.


Through technological advancements the efforts of TARC continue to evolve towards providing the next generation of service delivery, improving the ability for our community to connect. With a strong foundation of hard work and dedication, our values of Teamwork, Appreciation, Respect, and Communication have kept us …rolling since 1974.

Rolling Since 1974

MyTARC is launched! A new fare payment system that introduces electronic fare cards and moves our community to the front of transit service in the country.        


TARC’s new website is launched offering a Dynamic Trip Planner allowing passengers to plan and book their full trip all in one location, whether that trip is 100% TARC reliant or requires rideshare, taxi, bicycle, or other means of reaching their destination.


TARC, Louisville announced as host of the 2019 APTA Mobility Conference.


TARC LINC, a short and long range plan is launched that will reshape the future of our transit system and lay the groundwork for a robust, sustainable, and resilient transit system for the next 5 – 20 years.


Please click here for the full timeline from 1974 to the present day.

Address range set to Louisville KY