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TARC’s mission is to implement transportation opportunities enhancing social, economic and environmental well-being of the Greater Louisville Region. In pursuit of achieving success, TARC looks for new ways to improve services and are currently in the process of implementing several exciting efforts. The largest effort is a drive towards becoming the mobility manager of the region to ensure access to mobility for the residents and visitors through the progress of TARC LINC.

TARC Social Responsibility Program

TARC Social Responsibility Program

As an organization with historically close ties to the community, where 83% of trips taken are for work or school, TARC is committed to continuing a strong tradition of social responsibility. A core, three pillar commitment guides our efforts into areas where we believe we are capable of having a meaningful impact: to be charitable, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to become an employer of choice.


These three pillars fit within our larger organizational mission of enhancing the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Greater Louisville area, while specifying more tangible goals for our organization to pursue, outlining specific commitments and defining how we engage with our community.


Becoming a Charitable Organization

Having a means of transportation is vital to improving access of opportunity and in removing barriers to success for both individuals and the organizations who serve them. TARC is uniquely placed in a position to assist in providing this need.


In 2019 we launched LouExplore, a program which provides transportation to qualified non-profit organizations including neighborhood, faith-based, and community groups that offer programs designed to enrich the lives of youth and families in the Greater Louisville region.


In addition to this flagship initiative, we continue to support—through charitable donation, in-kind donation, and volunteer service—many organizations throughout the region and their efforts to achieve goals of enriching our community. These organizations include: Metro United Way, Louisville Urban League, YMCA, Family Scholar House, the National Safe Place Network, the Center for Women and Families, The Healing Place, and more.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As 70% of greenhouse gas emissions come from cities alone, Louisville and the mobility providers serving the region play a major role in reducing this percentage. It is the goal of TARC to continually work towards a more sustainable, and efficient method of operations to improve air quality and minimize the negative environmental impact of our organization.


To that degree we have made a significant dedication towards several initiatives which assist us in achieving the goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Some of the more notable accomplishments include: the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel (three years before it was mandated by the EPA), the acquiring of one of the largest electric / electric-hybrid fleets in the country, the construction of our LEED Gold certified training and maintenance building (featuring regionally sourced materials, solar panels, and a veggie roof to improve efficiency and reduce storm water runoff), and more.


Becoming an Employer of Choice

Fostering a culture and environment which prioritizes the exchange of positive interactions, active engagement, and the general goal of contributing to the betterment and wellbeing of both employees and customers defines our third pillar of social responsibility, becoming an employer of choice.


In meeting this goal, current accomplishments include: a high retention rate (an average of 89% from year to year), a great benefits package (which covers 95% of medical, dental, and vision premiums as well as 100% life insurance, short-term disability, and accident), a dedicated commitment to the organization (with an average worker age of 50 years, and an average TARC career span of 10 years).


Being intentional about our corporate and civic responsibilities allows our employees to have a voice in the discussion of societal issues and the opportunity to make a real impact. It is imperative we build a culture of positivity, self-awareness, growth, recognition, belonging and most of all inclusion. Empowered people go above and beyond.”


TARC believes a stated commitment of social responsibility is beneficial for our partners, our staff, and our customers. While we have always played an active and conscious role in the community, by setting specific goals under this program our hope is to consolidate efforts around the many notable achievements we’ve made as an organization to date, and guarantee we maximize our positive impact in the community we serve moving forward.

TARC LouExplore Program

TARC’s LouExplore program provides transportation to qualified non-profit organizations including neighborhood, faith-based and community groups that offer programs designed to enrich the lives of youth and families in the Greater Louisville region.

Fixed Route Service

Want to explore? TARC’s Fixed Route can get the job done.

TARC’s Fixed Route Service covers over 12 million ride miles annually. The includes Route 18 stretching from the Gene Snyder at Dixie Highway to Downtown before heading back out to Okolona, to Route 23 connecting Shawnee Park to the Fern Creek Neighborhood. Route 4 connects riders to Downtown through the University of Louisville campus and out to Iroquois Park, to Route 71 bridging the Kentucky-Indiana line across the Ohio River through the city of New Albany then to Indiana University Southeast and out to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

TARC3, Paratransit Service

OurTARC3service operates 102 paratransit vehicles and serves as a safety net to ensure access to mobility is available for everyone in our region. For information on requesting a Reasonable Accommodation, submitting an ADA Complaint form, and TARC3 forms (including: Rider’s Guide, Application, Medical Forms, Re-certification, and more) please visit our Accessibility page.

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