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TARC Leadership

TARC Board of Directors & Management


TARC Board of Directors

Board Chairman

Cedric Merlin Powell

Alice K. Houston

John Clay Stites

Mary Morrow

Mary Margaret Mulvihill

Charles “Chuck” Rogers

Michael Shackelford

TARC Management

Interim Executive Director

Ferdinand L. Risco Jr.
(502) 561-5104

Assistant Executive Director


Chief of Staff

Yvette Basabe
(502) 213-3271

Director of Transportation

(502) 561-5163

Director of Marketing

Max Maxwell
(502) 561-5115

Director of Planning

Aida Copic
(502) 213-3490

Director of Purchasing

Michael Ratchford
(502) 561-5199

Director of Finance

Tonya Carter
(502) 561-5139

Director of Human Resources

Kim Blanton
(502) 561-5140

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

(502) 561-5108

Director of Information Technology

Dwight Maddox Jr.
(502) 561-5130

Director of Maintenance

William Harris
(502) 561-5175

Acting Director of Safety and Security

Greg Pierce
(502) 561-5144

Director of Paratransit

Wanda Henderson
(502) 213-3245

Director of Training

CC Callens
(502) 213-3229

Director of Grants & Capital Programs

Geoffrey Hobin
(502) 561-5111

Director of Customer Experience

Jessica Holman
(502) 561-5113

Director of Employee Engagement

Janna Woodfork
(502) 561-5102

The TARC Board of Directors meet every month. To confirm a meeting date, please call Janna Woodfork at (502) 561-5102.

All meetings are located in TARC’s boardroom unless otherwise indicated. For the most up to date meeting schedule, please click here.