TARC3 Paratransit Service

TARC3 Paratransit Service

TARC3 Paratransit Service provides public transportation for people with disabilities who cannot use regular fixed-route bus service.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that TARC's regular bus service should be the primary means of public transportation for everyone, including people with disabilities. Under the ADA, TARC3 will serve as a safety net for only those persons who do not have the functional capability to ride TARC's regular buses. TARC3 Paratransit operates 3/4 mile around TARC fixed bus routes and during the same hours.

TARC3 Paratransit service is a shared-ride public transportation system, enabling routes and schedules to be structured to transport multiple passengers on the same vehicle to multiple destinations.

Click the link to read TARC3 Voices, TARC's newsletter about its paratransit program.

To read the TARC3 Accessibility Brochure that explains the range of public transportation options for people with disabilities, click here.

Visit the Accessibility Advisory Council's Homepage.

Paratransit Visitor Status

If you are an ADA paratransit rider from another city, you can request ‘Visitor Status’ as a visitor of the Louisville Metro area.   Visitors may travel on TARC3 paratransit for a total of 21 days in one calendar year (Does not have to be consecutive).  Please contact the TARC3 Paratransit Eligibility Office at 502-213-3217 in advance of your visit for more information.

Service Area

The TARC3 ADA service area is up to three-fourths of a mile from fixed route bus lines, excluding the express routes. TARC3 also provides non-ADA paratransit services to other service areas under various contracts and funding sources.

An interactive web map of the TARC3 ADA paratransit service area boundaries is available for address searches to determine if the location is within the service area. If the address being searched is within the blue shaded are on the map, it is inside the TARC3 ADA service area. For more information, please contact Val Ferne in the Eligibility Office at 502.213.3217 to check an address for TARC3 service.

Anyone who would like to check an address and is unable to utilize the interactive map or prefers not to use it is welcome to call the Paratransit Eligibility Office 502.213.3217 for assistance.

TARC3 Automated Phone System

TARC3 now has an automated phone system to give customers more options and better service. TARC3 customers can call 502.560.0333 and using their Client ID number can cancel rides, confirm trip details and more.

To get instructions on how to use the automated service, please call 502.213.3217 or click here.

Door-to-Door Service

TARC3 Paratransit service is a door-to-door public transportation service for people who are certified as ADA paratransit eligible.

Door-to-door service means that drivers will assist passengers from the outside door of the point of origin and to the outside door of the destination.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the TARC3 ADA Paratransit service, complete and return the PDF application found below or call the Eligibility Office at 502.213.3217 weekdays, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to receive an application by mail.

TARC3 Winter Weather Travel Tips

TARC3 operates during bad weather as long as it is safe to do so; however, un-cleared roads may be impassible in parts of the service area. Please be patient during bad weather as long delays are often unavoidable.

Customers can help TARC3 service run as smoothly as possible during adverse weather by following these winter travel tips:

  • Book extra travel time, especially if you have an appointment
  • Bring extra medicine, oxygen or other supplies for longer travel and wait times.
  • Call your destination to verify they are open and appointments are on time. Call TARC to revise your return trip if needed.
  • Cancel unwanted trips in advance (as soon as you decide not to travel). That helps TARC3 schedule vehicles effectively.
  • Cancel your subscription or demand trips to avoid no-shows. Please do not assume someone else told us when your destination closes for the day. We do however monitor school closings.
  • Drivers cannot escort you on excessively snowy or icy surfaces due to safety concerns. You may need a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) or other assistance to help you to the vehicle if you must travel during snow/ice conditions.
  • Use the automated phone menu (menu option #1) to get estimated trip pick-up times and to avoid longer hold times on the Where’s My Ride line.
  • Deteriorating conditions may require early return trips. Be sure to provide TARC with your current cell phone and emergency contact numbers so we can reach you.

Click here for Winter Weather Detours


Please read the Eligibility & Process Summary before applying for TARC3 Paratransit Services. There is a 21 day maximum response period after a completed application is received by TARC. Call 502.213.3217 if you do not receive a response within that time period. Mail completed applications to:

TARC3 Transportation
1000 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40203

If you cannot view PDFs, download Adobe Reader.

Important Phone Numbers

TARC3 Eligibility Office: 502.213.3217

Trip Reservations: 502.560.0333

Trip Cancellations: 502.560.0322

TTY: 502.213.3240

Comments/Complaints: 502.585.1234

For TARC customer service please call: 502.585.1234 • TTY 502.213.3240