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TARC Routes & Schedules

Below is a list of all TARC routes
currently in service as of August 9th, 2020.


Please remember: COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. Ridership on ALL TARC BUSES is limited to essential trips only (groceries, work, medical appointments, caring for someone), passenger limits remain set at 25, face coverings are required to ride, and passengers must continue to exit via the rear door.

Those who are not designated as essential workers are encouraged to avoid traveling on TARC during peak travel times of 6 to 9 a.m., and 2 to 6 p.m.

Click on any Route below to access the current schedule for that route.
*Routes in red have had minor adjustments, effective August 9th.

2 Second Street

4 Fourth Street 

6 Sixth Street – Taylor Blvd.

10 Dixie Rapid

12 Twelfth Street

15 Market Street

17 Bardstown Road

18 Dixie Highway

19 Muhammad Ali Blvd.

21 Chestnut Street

22 Twenty-Second Street

23 Broadway

25 Oak – Westport

27 Hill Street

28 Preston

29 Eastern Parkway

31 Shelbyville Road

40 Taylorsville Road

43 Portland Poplar Level

52 Medical Center Circulator

61X Plainview Express

63 Crums Lane

71 Jeffersonville-Louisville-IUS

72 Clarksville

75 Bluegrass Circulator

93 UPS U of L Shuttle

94 Cardinal Shuttle

99 UPS West Louisville

Address range set to Louisville KY