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MyTARC Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

MyTARC Card Basics

When will the new fare collection system begin operating?

The system will begin operating when the new fare boxes are installed on all buses and have passed initial testing to ensure they are working properly. TARC estimates the system will be operating January 7, 2019.

TARC will honor December 2018 passes to January 6, 2019.

How will I get a smartcard?

Customers will be able to order and place value on the cards from our website – MyTARC web portal. Locations will include TARC, Union Station headquarters, 1000 W. Broadway and the Nia Center at 29th and Broadway. TARC is working to increase the number of retail outlets that will offer the MyTARC smartcards.

How much will a MyTARC Card cost?

During a special introductory period, the cost of the MyTARC card will be waived if customers load an initial fare of $5 or more to the card.

How do I use MyTARC?

Register your card online. You can protect your balance if the card is lost, damaged or stolen. And you can view your transactions, ridership history, and add value or purchase passes.

Tap your MyTARC card onto the fare box. Your fare will automatically be deducted and the card balance will be displayed on the screen.

What is the cost of the new system and the source of funding?

The system is funded with a combination of federal, state and local TARC funding. TARC received a $2.5 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) State of Good Repair program and another $1.5 million in federal surface transportation funds from the Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA) and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. TARC is providing the remaining matching funds to cover the total estimated cost of $4.9 million.

If I use a MyTARC Card, can others who board with me use the card?

Everyone needs a card, 6+ years of age and older. The fare box will not accept multiple uses of the same smartcard for payment of more than a single ride per trip.

Buy or Add Value to MyTARC Card

How much money can I load onto the card?

Stored value – Customers can load a maximum of $50 online or in-person. Up to $20 of stored value can be added at the fare box on the bus.

How do I check the balance on the MyTARC card?

The fare box will provide balance each time you tap your MyTARC card. Register your card to check your balance and ridership history online.

Group/Bulk MyTARC Card Purchases & Passes

Will TARC have a ticket exchange for the new fare system?

Yes, exchange your paper tickets and passes now for equal electronic fare, at Union Station.

I use an I.D. badge from my employer, that does not change, correct?

University of Louisville staff & students: You will need to swipe your UofL I.D. at the farebox. Make sure your I.D. has a magnetic strip on the back.

Jefferson Community & Technical College staff & students: You will need to show your JCTC I.D. to the coach operator. Make sure your I.D. has the current semester noted.

Humana, Louisville Metro & University of Louisville Hospital: You will need to show your work I.D. to the coach operator.

What electronic passes will be available on the smartcard under the plan?

MyTARC card holders can purchase the same types of passes available today. Passes include 24-hour pass, 30-day month/express pass. 10-Ride special tickets are available to students (6-17), citizens with disabilities, seniors 65+ and Medicare card holders for reduced fares. (MyTARC I.D. required).

For example, instead of a paper pass good only for a specific month, the smartcard will provide a 30-day pass good for 30 straight days starting on the day it is first used for a fare.


Will fares increase?

With a MyTARC card, a single ride will cost $1.50 – including an electronic transfer. Cash fare for a single ride will remain $1.75. Drivers will no longer provide paper transfers.

Will cash still be accepted?

The new fare boxes will accept cash – exact fare only.  You will not receive a transfer.

The new fare boxes also will reject foreign coins and other items that are not U.S. currency.

Will children 5 and under still ride fare free?


What will happen to reduced fares for people 65 and older, Medicare cardholders, people with disabilities (TARC3 eligible), and students?

The same reduced fares that are available today will be available for qualified passengers and for students, ages 6 – 17.

For people 65 +, Medicare cardholders, students and TARC3 passengers using local and express bus service, reduced fare smartcards will be available only at Union Station and the Nia Center.

Reduced fare eligibility will be verified and the smartcards will include a photo ID.

Will downtown LouLift service still be fare free?



How will transfers work?

With a MyTARC card, free transfers will be provided on the card for use within two hours after the initial boarding. A payment will not be deducted from your MyTARC card account for additional boardings occurring within the two-hour time frame.

If paying by cash, free transfers will not be available and drivers will no longer be able to distribute transfer slips.

Why won’t cash paying passengers receive free transfers?

The goal is to improve efficiency and safety. This system will also provide more equity and reliability in the fare collection payment process.


Are TARC3 vehicles part of the new fare collection system?

Initially, TARC3 and Yellow Cab vehicles used by TARC3 customers will not be part of the new fare collection system but will be phased in at a later time. Passengers using TARC3 service will continue to pay just as they do today with no change in fares.

Lost MyTARC Card

What if a MyTARC Card is lost or stolen?

Register your card online. This will help you if your card is lost or stolen, the stored value for individual rides and remaining days of passes can be transferred to another card in your name.

Report missing cards promptly to ensure you can be credited for the full amount of your unused stored value and all remaining days on a pass.  Report as soon as possible to allow TARC to disable your stolen or lost card and prevent someone else from using the value.

Only days remaining on a pass at the time the card is reported missing can be transferred to a new card; TARC cannot extend the end time or date of a pass that you have already used.

If your card is not registered, stored value and  remaining days of passes cannot be transferred to another card.