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Holiday Service and Detour Monday (Memorial Day & Subway Fresh Fit Hike, Bike & Paddle), May 27

Holiday Service and Detours Monday (Memorial Day) – Subway Fresh Fit Hike, Bike & Paddle, May 27, 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

May 24, 2019

TARC will operate on the Sunday schedule on Monday, Memorial Day with detours on 10 routes due to multiple street closings for the Subway Fresh Fit Hike, Bike and Paddle events.

There will be no service on routes: 1, 3, 17X, 20, 22, 31X, 40X, 45X, 49X, 50X, 52, 53X, 54X, 61X, 62, 64X, 65X, 66X, 67X, 68X, 77, 78X, & 82.

UPS Shuttles will operate.

Drivers will stop at all regular stops along detoured routes.


The following service changes will be in effect temporarily from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.:

Routes #4, #6, & #63

Closed Stops: From 5th and Jefferson to 4th and Main to 6th and Jefferson Street
Next nearest stops: 5th & Muhammad Ali, 6th & Liberty

Route #12

Closed Stops: From 29th & Slevin to 35th & Kroger
Next nearest stop: 28th & Slevin, 35th & Kroger

Route #15

Closed Stops: On Northwestern Parkway
Next nearest stop: 13th & Jefferson, 18th & Market, 44th & Market Street

Closed Stops: Market Street from Shawnee Drive to Shawnee Park
Next nearest stop: Market and 44th Street

Route #21

Closed Stops: On Northwestern Parkway to Southwestern Parkway at River Park Drive
Next nearest stop: On 41st street at River Park Drive

Route #31

Closed Stops: From Clay & Main to 1st & Liberty
Next nearest stop: Campbell & Main, 1st & Liberty

Closed Stops: From 5th & Jefferson to Market & Hancock
Next nearest stop: 5th & Muhammad Ali, Hancock & Market

Route #43

Closed Stops: From 19th Street and Griffith Avenue to Portland
Next nearest stop: 19th Street & Duncan Street, 35th & Kroger

Route #71

Closed Stops: From 22nd & Portland to 16th & Bank, 16th & Bank to 9th and Liberty, and from 2nd & Liberty to Court & Spring
Next nearest stop: State & Elm, 9th & Liberty through to 4th Street, Court & Spring

Closed Stops: From 15th Street and Market Street to 22nd Street and Portland Avenue
Next nearest stop: 15th & Market to 38th and Market Street

Route #72

Closed Stops: 2nd & Market
Next nearest stop: Court & Spring, 3rd & Jefferson

For more information, please contact TARC Customer Service at 502.585.1234. Follow our new twitter handle @TARCService for updates.

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