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Mayor and TARC Agree on Recommendations to Improve TARC Operations

Mayor and TARC Agree on Recommendations to Improve TARC Operations


LOUISVILLE, KY. (February 24, 2020)

The TARC Board of Directors met today for their monthly scheduled board meeting. During the meeting, the board reached an agreement regarding next steps in the investigation of recent sexual harassment concerns.

The TARC Board of Directors will immediately establish a tip line that our employees and customers can use to raise concerns, employees will receive diversity and inclusion training, and the board will conduct a transition review of transactions to take a close look at all contracts, payments, and reimbursements which occurred during the tenure of the former Executive Director,” said Mary Morrow, Board Chair.

The TARC Board of Directors also committed to adopting potential additional measures it may deem necessary based upon their investigative efforts.

Co-Executive Directors Douglas and Handmaker are committed to a full partnership between the board and the Mayor’s office in support of the investigation.

Ms. Morrow continued:

In keeping with our strong relationship with the Mayor’s office we will amend our bylaws to add a new position to the TARC Board of Directors for the Mayor or his designee, with full voting rights, to improve the relationship with the Mayor’s office, and to keep city officials better informed on all activities at TARC.”

The TARC Board will assume the leadership role in the investigation of these matters by the Mayor’s office and establish a direct line of communications with the law firm currently engaged in the investigation.


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