TARC will receive $3.6M to replace older buses


April 23, 2018

The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program announced that the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) will be awarded $3.6M to purchase new buses to replace its oldest and highest mileage buses in its fleet.


Executive Director J. Barry Barker states that “these funds will allow us to replace the remainder of the 1999 model year buses and a few of the 2000 model year buses.”


With a total fleet of 225 buses including 33 hybrid-electric, 15 all-electric with an additional 102 paratransit vehicles, this award will go towards replacing some of the more than 60 buses that have traveled over 500,000 miles – 23 with 700,000 plus miles.


Kentucky is one of 52 states and territories being awarded approximately $264 million to fund a total of 139 projects, according to the program.


As the largest public transit agency in Kentucky, TARC provides service to Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana, carrying nearly 12 million passengers a year, with almost 60 percent of its 50,000 daily trips moving tax payers to work and another 20 percent to school.


“Thank you to our entire Congressional Delegation who were very instrumental in assisting us in make these funds available through their legislative efforts and the team at FTA who worked diligently in administering the Bus and Bus Facilities Program,” said Barker.