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TARC3 Automated Phone System

Quickly access ride information and cancel trips at any time.

Getting started:

1. Dial 560-0333 and then press “1” for Main Menu.

2. Enter ID# and password (initial password is your 4 digit birth year). If you do not have your ID#, ask a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

3. Choose the feature you want to use:

  • Press 1 – “Trip confirmation” will provide the same estimated pick-up time as “Where’s My Ride?” Follow the prompts to access specific trip information.
  • Press 2 – “Cancel trips” will allow you to cancel one trip or all the trips in a date range and you can obtain a confirmation number. For instance, if you booked a round trip, you can cancel both or just one leg of the trip. The system will ask you to confirm a cancellation to prevent an accidental cancellation.
  • Press 4 – “Change password” will allow you to set your preferred, private password.
  • Press 0 – Will connect you to a Customer Service Representative.

Automated phone system instructions are also available from the TARC3 Eligibility Office (502-213-3217).

Address range set to Louisville KY