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TARC3 Automated Phone System

TARC3 Automated Phone System

You can quickly access ride information and cancel trips at any time using TARC’s automated phone system.

“Confirm” and “cancel” features allow you to:

  • Access “Where’s My Ride” information
  • Check a trip time or address details
  • Cancel a trip and receive a confirmation number
  • Avoid waiting on hold when calling TARC3 or Where’s My Ride

Customers who use these features find them to be very helpful.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Dial 560-0333 and then press “1” for Main Menu.

2. Enter ID# and password (initial password is your 4 digit birth year). If you do not have your ID#, ask a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

3. Choose the feature you want to use:

  • Press 1 – “Trip confirmation” will provide the same estimated pick-up time as “Where’s My Ride?” Follow the prompts to access specific trip information.
  • Press 2 – “Cancel trips” will allow you to cancel one trip or all the trips in a date range and you can obtain a confirmation number. For instance, if you booked a round trip, you can cancel both or just one leg of the trip. The system will ask you to confirm a cancellation to prevent an accidental cancellation.
  • Press 4 – “Change password” will allow you to set your preferred, private password.
  • Press 0 – Will connect you to a Customer Service Representative.

Automated phone system instructions are also available from the TARC3 Eligibility Office (502-213-3217).

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