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Safety & Security

Safety and Security

How to Ride Safely

  • Buses can make sudden stops. Be sure to take a seat, or hold firmly to a handle after you’ve paid your fare.
  • Please keep belongings out of the aisle. Please fold up strollers after boarding.
  • If you witness any suspicious or illegal activity, please alert your driver or call the Metro Police at 502.574. LMPD (5673).

TARC is working to ensure your safety

  • All TARC buses have video and audio recording to monitor bus activity.
  • All drivers have immediate access to emergency help via two-way radio.
  • Security officers patrol the full system and are quick to respond to calls received from drivers.
  • All drivers receive training on safety and first aid procedures.
  • TARC is a designated SafePlace for youth in crisis. TARC is designated as a safe location for persons in a domestic violence crisis through a partnership with the Center for Women and Families.

TARC buses and buildings are Safe Places

  • Anyone under the age of 18 who is in a crisis situation and needs help, can go to a designated Safe Place businesses or board a TARC bus and ask for help.
  • TARC employees then contact the YMCA Shelter House and assist the youth in getting to the shelter. If you have any questions about the YMCA Shelter House, please call (502) 635-3660.
  • TARC Safeplace Procedures

It’s the Law!

Chapter #132 of the Jefferson County Kentucky Code of Ordinance 281, protects bus drivers, passengers and property of the public transportation system by providing for prosecution of any person convicted of violating this law.

Ticket to Ride Program

Ticket to Ride can organize a VanPool of co-workers who live near you and work a similar schedule. For more information on how to start, or join a VanPool in your area, call 502-267-5400 or toll-free at 1-866-822-POOL or visit

Purpose of TARC trips 63% work and 20% school.