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How to Ride

PLAN YOUR TRIP – Plan the trip using the real-time trip planner, review real-time bus schedules or contact Customer Service at (502) 585-1234 for help and the latest schedule updates.

GET THERE EARLY – Please arrive at the bus stop a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Watches are not always set to the same time as the transit system and a few minutes difference could mean a missed bus.

HAVE YOUR FARE READY – Purchase a MyTARC card online at or one of the purchase and reload locations or have the exact cash fare.

BOARDING THE BUS – Wait at a posted TARC bus stop sign or shelter. TARC buses will stop to pick up and drop off passengers only at posted bus stop signs along the bus route. The destination of each bus will be displayed on the digital sign above the front bus window. As the bus approaches ensure the bus is the one you are waiting for. Wait for passengers who may be getting off before you get on. As you board the bus, pay your fare by tapping your MyTARC card on the designated spot on the top of the farebox or by inserting the exact cash fare in the slots atop the farebox. After paying your fare, please sit in an available seat and remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. If seats are unavailable, please hold on to a handrail. Do not stand next to or ahead of the driver while the bus is in motion.

EXITING THE BUS – Approximately a block before your desired stop, pull the overhead cord or push the yellow strip between the windows to alert the driver. Collect all personal belongings and exit the bus through the rear door once the driver has come to a complete stop. TARC buses do not stop traffic. Please wait until the bus departs before crossing the street.

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