March 28, 2016

Electronic Fare Collection Update

Last summer, TARC reported that its fare collection vendor would be addressing problems discovered during the testing phase of the new system.

Unfortunately, these problems have persisted even after work has been done to make improvements. Issues including mechanical problems such as bill jamming on the farebox units and computer software malfunctions have prevented the system from becoming fully operational on buses.

Because of the ongoing problems and delays, the TARC Board of Directors today passed a resolution authorizing TARC to terminate the contract with LECIP INC. for delivery of the new fare collection system.

TARC will be soliciting new proposals for an electronic fare collection system in a formal bid process in coming weeks.

TARC will move as expeditiously as possible to determine the best route for an electronic fare collection system. The system envisioned will allow passengers to pay onboard with “tap-and-go” smartcards that can be loaded with fare value online for long-term use. Cash will remain an option.

Meanwhile, the current fare system remains in effect. Fares are not increasing.