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TARC Mobility as a Service app

TARC’s new multi modal trip planner app is powered by a powerful Mobility as a Service platform called ZED developed by ZED Digital

Use this new TARC app to find out alternative transportation options and how they can be effective in eliminating traffic. Even one day a week helps!

Plan your trip across multiple modes to find the fastest, cheapest, greenest options and more. Help reduce traffic congestion! Find and compare TARC public transit, ride shares such as Uber, Lyft, Louvelo Bikeshare and Bird Scooter availability in one integrated app.

Track your commutes and see how it has affected your lifestyle and provided cost savings over time!

TARC is available in the android and iOS play stores today!


User Dashboard

TARC provides analytic’s for its subscribed riders. Click here to create an account and start viewing your dashboard on laptop screen

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