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#RiderAlert: Route 18 Changes (Split into two routes)

RiderAlert: Route 18 Changes (Split into two routes #18 & #28)

Atención #18 Route Change


Effective January 26th, 2020

To improve service, current Route #18 will split downtown into two routes (#18 & #28) at 6th & Jefferson.

The “end of the line” for Route #18 will now be at 6th & Jefferson, where it will begin its return trip (continuing to service the existing Dixie Highway corridor).

Route #28 will now run the remaining branch of the original route #18 beginning at 6th & Jefferson (and servicing the existing Preston Highway corridor).

Schedules of the new #18 & #28 routes are available below, through the TARC Trip Planner, and the TARC mobile app.

  • Route #18 will split downtown and run service between Valley Station to Jefferson and 6th Street (previous Dixie arm of #18).
  • The new Route #28 will run service between Jefferson and 6th Street to Jefferson Boulevard (previous Preston arm of #18).

New Route #18 Schedule

New Route #28 Schedule


For more information, please contact TARC Customer Service at 502.585.1234

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