Shopper Shuttles

Shopper Shuttles

TARC has set up five “Shopper Shuttles” (click the link to see maps and schedules) to assist shoppers in Southern Indiana, Old Louisville, and those interested in going to the Oxmoor Center/Mall St. Matthews shopping districts.The Southern Indiana and Old Louisville Shopper Shuttles operate on Wednesdays, and the Bashford-Oxmoor Shuttle runs on Tuesdays.

28s - California Shopper

Operates on the first Thursday of the month between California Apartments, California Community Center and Kroger on 28th Street.

41s - In-Town Shopper

Operates on Thursdays only between Central Station Kroger near Churchill Downs from Dosker Manor, Blanton House, Beecher Terrace and City View Apartments near downtown.

51s - Old Louisville Shopper

Operates on Thursdays only between Friendship House, St. Catherine Court, The Puritan, Kling Center, Hillenbrand House, Baptist Towers and the Central Station shopping center at 3rd and Central.

58s- Bashford Manor Shopper

Operates on Tuesdays only between Mall Road at Bashford Manor Lane, Hikes Lane, Dutchmans Lane, Dupont Circle, Norton Suburban Medical Center, Baptist Medical Center, Mall St. Matthews (at J.C. Penney) and Oxmoor Center (at Sears).

83s - Southern Indiana Shopper

Operates on Wednesdays only between Yellowood Terrace, Fairington Apartments, Greentree Mall (at Sears), Clarksville Kroger, the Clarksville Public Library, Target and Wal Mart/Sam’s Club in Clarksville.

For more information, please call (502) 585-1234.