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TARC Highlights New MyTARC Partnership Program with Holiday Service to Amazon

TARC Highlights New MyTARC Partnership Program with Holiday Service to Amazon

November 9, 2018

TARC is highlighting their new Partnership Program by providing free service to work during the holidays for Amazon employees in Jeffersonville through January 15th, 2019.

TARC offers a program that not only provides significant savings to Louisville regional companies and their employees, but delivers a host of other benefits. “Our new Partnership Program is great for both employers and employees,” said J. Barry Barker, TARC executive director. “Everyone is looking for those extra benefits and perks that make jobs more appealing and provide companies with a reputation of caring for their workforce.”

TARC works with employers and organizations to customize a plan that provides team members unlimited fare-free trips. Additionally, by providing monthly MyTARC unlimited-ride passes for their employees, employers can receive payroll tax deductions.

TARC has several options for businesses and organizations to take advantage of public transportation and invites all regional companies to Get on Board and Save.

Holiday Service to Amazon

Click the link to view the additional times.

Effective through Jan. 15, 2019

TARC Rt. #71 – Jeffersonville – Louisville – New Albany will stop at Amazon, with added arrivals and departures on weekdays and on weekends designed around shift changes. All trips to and from Amazon stop at the Meijer on Allison Lane.

This route will operate from Indiana University Southeast in Floyd County, will cross the river into downtown Louisville, and then head back into Indiana and east to Amazon.

All TARC buses on Rt. #71 are new 40-feet commuter coaches with have free Wi-Fi available to passengers.

*Amazon employees ride fare free with I.D.

About TARC
Transit Authority of River City (TARC) is the public transportation system serving Greater Louisville and Clark and Floyd counties in southern Indiana, providing service to more than 15 million customers who ride almost 14 million miles annually. TARC runs 41 routes in five counties, owns and operates 89 paratransit vehicles and 230 buses. TARC averages approximately 47,000 riders daily. Two-thirds of all trips taken are for work or school.

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