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TARC Invites Public to Share Ways to Improve Transit, Public Meeting Dec. 13

TARC Invites Public to Share Ways to Improve Transit

Public meeting planned for Dec. 13 to gather comments on TARC’s current operations

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (December 3, 2018) – An open house at TARC headquarters on December 13 is designed to gather ideas and suggestions from the public about how TARC serves the community and ways it can improve its service and reach.

TARC is developing short and long-range plans that will shape the future of transit for our communities. These plans will influence policies and practices of TARC’s partner agencies (Louisville Metro, KIPDA, KYTC, INDOT, and other local entities) and the entire region.

The upcoming open house is part of TARC’s short- and long-range plan (Comprehensive Operations Analysis and Long-Range Plan), which will include evaluations of TARC’s ridership numbers, popular routes, vehicles, staffing, and more – all with a goal of determining ways the transit service can better support riders, employers, schools and the multi-county communities it serves. A wide range of improvement alternatives will be considered in the final report.

“TARC has served the Louisville community for decades, and we want to make sure we’re offering the right services at the right times in the right places,” said Ferdinand Risco, interim executive director of TARC. “I’m excited to hear directly from the people who depend on TARC to get to school, work, and home and learn what we can do to make TARC the transportation choice for even more riders.”

More than 80 percent of TARC trips are to work or to school. TARC serves more than 12.5 million customers who ride almost 14 million miles annually. The system operates 41 routes in five counties in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

WHAT: TARC’s short- and long-range plan (Comprehensive Operations Analysis and Long-Range Plan) open house on current transit service
WHEN: Thursday, December 13, 5 – 7 p.m.
WHERE: TARC Headquarters, 1000 W. Broadway

Address range set to Louisville KY