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TARC Launches Mobile Ticketing

TARC Launches Mobile Ticketing

TARC has launched our mobile ticketing feature on our mobility app! In addition to scheduling your commute, you can now purchase your fare, board your bus and validate your ticket using your mobile device. This option makes riding TARC more convenient for you by allowing you to simply plan your trip and pay your fare from the very phone you carry every day. This unique Mobility as a Service platform is powered by a trip planner ZIG, developed by our partner ZED Digital.

4 Reasons to Try It Out

  1. Your tickets are made available on your phone with a click of a button.
  2. Load your fare easily 24/7 – purchase a ticket at any time of the day from anywhere.
  3. Board your bus quicker – our new mobile ticketing technology immediately responds with your phone upon boarding (point phone towards validator for 2-10 seconds). Quick boarding times, leads to making it to your destination faster.
  4. VISITORS – when traveling to Louisville, you’re now able to purchase and use your fare as soon as you arrive (or before!)

Types of Mobile Ticket Fare:

  • Single Ride – $1.50
  • 24-Hour Pass – $3.50
  • 7-Day Pass – $15.00
  • 30-Day Pass – $50.00

How to Purchase and Use a Mobile Ticket:

  1. Download our app by searching “TARC” in your iOS or Android app store.
  2. Setup rider profile and enable Bluetooth and location.
  3. From the app menu screen, click on Buy Tickets and then select your fare choice.
  4. From the app menu screen, click on Buy Tickets and then select your fare choice.
  5. Select number of tickets and accept disclaimer.
  6. Enter payment information and click “Proceed to Payment” to process. Once entered, payment information will be saved for future use.
  7. After selecting fare and purchasing tickets, click to activate mobile ticket when ready to board.
  8. Hold phone near the TARC Mobile Ticketing Validator for 2-10 seconds.
  9. Your phone screen will turn GREEN once validated.


Mobile ticketing is piece of cake and will give you peace of mind while navigating through Greater Louisville.

Here are a few FAQ’s to further help you.

Address range set to Louisville KY