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TARC Paratransit Service Disruptions


LOUISVILLE, KY. (February 6, 2020)

TARC has been working continuously to help resolve the TARC 3 paratransit transition. Although the driver issues encountered are not related to TARC drivers, we’ve been actively working with our contractors, MV Transportation and Z-Trip to mitigate the issues clients are experiencing.

With regard to the labor issues, as of this morning, 30 of the drivers who had chosen to not drive have returned to work as MV Transportation and Z-Trip work to support pay structure concerns. These are valued drivers and we remain confident that a mutually beneficial resolution will be reached.

As we continue our efforts, the number of passengers not serviced continues to improve rapidly. We are confident that through continued planning, hiring and tracking, this number will continue to dramatically decline.

In addition to the efforts by contractors, TARC’s leadership is focused on working to ensure long term success for TARC 3. TARC’s Executive Director, Ferdinand Risco Jr., has been able to quickly mobilize partners to get additional qualified drivers on the road. Through those efforts and a partnership with The Louisville Urban League, additional qualified drivers are being interviewed and an additional 37 drivers have been scheduled for training today, Thursday, February 6th. Additionally, 19 job fairs have been scheduled through the end of March.

For TARC, safety for our TARC 3 clients is paramount.

Contractors cannot hire unqualified drivers to help customers who may need extra assistance. The quality of the driver is imperative as we move our customers through the city.


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