TARC3 Subscription Rules

Please review the following conditions to determine your qualification:
  • TARC3 Paratransit is shared-ride personalized transportation for people who are certified through Transit Authority of River City to use TARC3.
  • Service is available 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. seven days a week. Subscriptions are for trips that are performed at the same time each week. Trips are automatically placed on a given route, eliminating the need to call for reservations.
  • Subscribers are chosen from applicants with the goal of providing the best service to the greatest number of individuals. Service may not be available to all.
  • Changes to subscription trips are permitted twice per year.
  • Riders may place subscription trips on hold for up to 30 days one time per year.
  • Subscriptions are cancelled on major holidays which include New Years Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Friday following Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas. Dialysis patients are not automatically cancelled on major holidays.
  • TARC reserves the right to accept or reject any request based on availability and providing the most cost efficient service possible.
  • Excessive cancellations and/or no shows may cause you to lose your subscription.
I have read and understood all of the above guidelines and am eligible.

[Accept]     [Decline]