New Fare System

Tap. Save. Go.

TARC will be introducing a new and modern fare collection system transforming the way you get around the city called MyTARC! This new system will allow you to pay your fare with a simple “tap”, replacing the 20 year old farebox that only accepts cash and paper tickets.

The MyTARC system will include intelligent fareboxes with ‘Tap & Go’ readers and a user-friendly web portal allowing you to purchase tickets and passes on-the-go!

This new system will offer you security, convenience, savings and a fast ‘Tap & Go’ payment method.  

MyTARC Cards are reusable and durable giving you years of transactions with only one card to keep up with.

Free Unlimited Transfers

  • The MyTARC system will eliminate paper transfers. Receive free unlimited transfers for a 2-hour period by simply tapping your MyTARC card on your first ride.

  • Transfers will not be distributed to cash paying customers.

Convenient Reloading

  • The MyTARC system will offer many convenient methods for purchasing cards, passes and reloading value: farebox (reload only), online, U.S. postal, and other sale outlets.
  • Load both cash value and passes on your MyTARC card.
  • Reload with value as needed or set up auto-pay - your choice!    

Improved Security

  • Register your card on the MyTARC website to benefit from balance protection if your card is ever lost or stolen.    

Still have cash?

  • No problem! Cash will still be accepted on TARC. However, we are confident that you will find the MyTARC card to be smart, simple and fast when riding TARC.  

Over the next few months, we will keep you updated on the progress of the new MyTARC system, schedule, and when you can get your hands on your very own MyTARC card. Stay tuned and check back here ( for updates. Thanks for riding TARC!