How much does a MyTARC Card cost?

The cost of a MyTARC card is $5. Keep in mind this is a one-time cost good for the life of the card. Your MyTARC card is reusable, reloadable, and does not expire.

How do I use MyTARC?

Riders can tap MyTARC card at the fare box and fare will automatically be deducted. Register your cards online to protect your balances if cards are lost, damaged or stolen. View transactions, ridership history, add value, and purchase passes.

If I use a MyTARC card, can others who board with me use the same card?

Each traveler 6+ years of age and older needs their own card. The fare box does not accept multiple uses of the same smartcard for payment of more than a single ride per trip.

Purchase & Reload

How do I check the balance on the MyTARC card?

Checking your balance online is your quickest option. Once you’ve setup an account on, head over to “MyTARC Purchase and Manage” menu. MyTARC cards must be registered to check balances and ridership history online.

The fare box provides a balance each time the MyTARC card is tapped.

How much money stored value can I load onto the card?

Patrons can load a maximum of $50 online or at in-person location. Patrons can load a maximum of $20 on the fare box on the bus.

Loading Stored Value

Stored value refers to the dollar amount loaded on the MyTARC card that can be used to purchase fare.

Purchasing and Reloading Online

MyTARC cards are meant to be used again and again. These smartcards are designed for you to reuse and reload as often as you need. You have two options for purchasing and reloading your MyTARC card.You can purchase a new MyTARC card online using

If you have an account at and have already linked your MyTARC card to your account, you can add fares and passes to your card online. Just login and purchase.

Processing time of 24-48 hours applies to orders placed Mon-Friday, please allow additional time for your fare to load if purchased on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Select Kroger Stores (View Store Locations Here)

Broadway Food Mart
4132 West Broadway
Monday-Saturday: 8 AM – Midnight
Sunday: 8:30 AM – Midnight

TARC Union Station
1000 West Broadway
Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – Noon (Beginning July 13th Union Station will be closed on Saturdays) / Sunday: Closed

The Nia Center
2900 West Broadway
Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday / Sunday: Closed

How much money can I load onto the card?

Riders can load a maximum of $50 online or in-person. Up to $20 of stored value can be added at the fare box on the bus.

How do I check the balance on the MyTARC card?

The fare box can provide a balance each time MyTARC card is tapped. Cards must be registered in order to check balances and ridership history online.

Registration & Balance Protection

Register Your Card

Registering your MyTARC card entitles you to “Balance Protection”. With balance protection, the stored value and passes on your MyTARC card will be transferred to a replacement card at the time TARC is properly notified that your card is lost, stolen, or damaged. TARC will disable lost/stolen/damaged card to prevent anyone from using the value and passes. Only days remaining on a pass at the time the MyTARC card is reported lost/stolen/damaged can be transferred to a replacement card; TARC cannot extend the end time or date of a pass that has been used.

There is a non-refundable replacement card fee associated with issuance of a replacement card.  If you have not registered your MyTARC card, the value remaining on the lost/stolen/damaged card will not be available for transfer to a replacement card.


If your MyTARC card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must notify by calling TARC’S Customer Service Center at 502-585-1234. The TTY phone number for hearing and speech-impaired customers is 502-213-3240.  You may also visit the TARC Union Station.

Employer & University Partnership

I use an I.D. badge from my employer, that does not change, correct?

University of Louisville staff & students must swipe UofL IDs at the farebox. Make sure the I.D. has a magnetic strip on the back.

Jefferson Community & Technical College staff & students must show JCTC ID to the coach operator. Make sure the I.D. has the current semester noted.

Humana, Louisville Metro & University of Louisville Hospital must show work IDs to the coach operator.

Other Fare Programs

Is cash still accepted?

Fare boxes still accept cash – exact fare only.  Riders should know they will not receive a transfer when paying fare with cash.

Do children 5 and under still ride fare free?


How does MyTARC work with reduced fares for people 65 and older, Medicare cardholders, people with disabilities (TARC3 eligible) and students?

Reduced fares are available for qualified passengers and for students, ages 6 – 17.

For people 65 +, Medicare cardholders, students and TARC3 passengers using local and express bus service, reduced fare smartcards are available at Union Station and the Nia Center.

All MyTARC reduced fare cards require a photo ID to verify eligibility.

Will downtown LouLift service still be fare free?


Additional Fare Program information can be found in the Current Fare Structure section.


How do transfers work with MyTARC?

Free transfers are provided on the card for use within two hours after initial boarding. A payment will not be deducted from MyTARC card accounts for additional boarding during the two-hour time frame. If paying by cash, transfers are not available.

Why don’t cash paying passengers receive free transfers?

The goal is to improve efficiency and safety. This system provides more equity and reliability in the fare collection payment process.


Are TARC3 vehicles part of the new fare collection system?

TARC3 and Yellow Cab vehicles used by TARC3 customers will be phased in at a later time. Passengers using TARC3 service will continue to pay just as they do today with no change in fares.