Community Outreach

Active engagement in the communities we serve has always been important

to the Transit Authority of River City (TARC). Participation in community

events offers TARC the opportunity to share information about the

affordability of riding, the exciting projects and initiatives we have going on,

and how we support economic and community development.  Riders, the

general public, and community stakeholders always learn something new

when stopping by the TARC booth at community festivals and events. From

the Pegasus Parade to school field trips to special services like travel training

and MyTARC bus appearances – TARC proudly joins with many community

partners each year to show support for the region we serve. 

TARC offers a variety of ways for individuals and groups to connect and learn more about its services:

Community Festivals and Events – TARC personnel set up a booth or bring a coach onsite to promote rider service, for travel training and engage with the community

Non-profit Organization Transportation – TARC has a limited amount of time dedicated to assisting 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with transportation. Preference is given to organizations with programs that serve the elderly, individuals with disabilities and/or individuals in a low-income bracket. Qualifying organizations may receive this service one time per year.

Day on the Town – Paid service for FTA qualified human service organizations serving seniors to specific locations

Educational Fieldtrips – TARC invites children of all ages to Union Station or will visit schools interested in travel training, careers at TARC and history of the organization and Union Station

Travel Training – Live step-by-step tutorial to help new riders feel confident riding TARC