#23 Broadway: Getting Better

September 14, 2023

Starting Monday, September 25 “Drop Off Only” means better bus service.

TARC is debuting a new pilot program to improve on-time performance along Route #23 Broadway Westbound. When two #23s bunch the late bus may receive a call from the Radio Room to switch to a “Drop Off Only” operation. This #23 will no longer stop for pickups until it is told to switch back to standard running.  

Passengers can be assured that when a #23 switches to “Drop Off Only” that means the next #23 is less than five minutes away. This little one-time delay will mean fewer big delays up and down the line.

TARC is implementing this pilot program in response to feedback received in our first annual Customer Experience Survey. On-time performance was noted as being the most important element of bus service to our customers, and one of the success factors our riders are currently least satisfied with.