Fare programs for Amazon and UPS seasonal employees

October 25, 2022

Through corporate employee-sponsored programs with Amazon and UPS, individuals who work for either organization may ride TARC without charge simply by showing their current, valid employee ID.

The program for Amazon employees lasts until January 15, 2023. You can reach Amazon’s River Ridge facility via Route #71, as well as by riding TARC’s new Route #73, or #74.

UPS employees may use this TARC resource all year long. The UPS Worldport location is serviced by TARC Routes #28, #93, and #99. The facility on Air Commerce Drive is accessible via TARC’s new Route #46.

For more information on TARC’s #ThreeNewRoutes, which expand service to employment centers, please click here.

For assistance planning your trip, we recommend using Google Maps.