#RiderAlert: Detour in effect Wednesday, May 4th to Saturday, May 7th, due to Thurby, Oaks, and Derby.

May 3, 2022

Travel on TARC will be impacted on routes 4, 6, and 29 Wednesday, May 4 to Saturday, May 7, during Thurby, Oaks, and Derby. Please plan for delays and detours. Check Google Maps during travel for real-time route and schedule information, or call (502) 585-1234.

For ease of travel, please see below:

Route #4 Southbound

Missed stops: From 4th & Cardinal, to 3rd & Woodlawn
Next nearest stop: 4th & Bloom, 3rd & Kenwood, 2nd & Kenwood

Route #4 Northbound

Missed stops: From 3rd & Woodlawn, to 4th & Cardinal
Next nearest stop: 2nd & Woodlawn, 3rd & Woodlawn, 4th & Bloom

Route #6 Northbound

Missed stops: From Taylor & Berry, to 7th & Colorado
Next nearest stop: Taylor & Whitney, 7th & Algonquin

Route #6 Southbound

Missed stops: From 7th & Colorado, to Taylor & Berry
Next nearest stop: 7th & Algonquin, Taylor & Whitney

Route #29 Westbound

Missed stops: From Crittenden & Eastern, to 7th & Berry
Next nearest stop: Eastern & Bradley, 7th & Nobel

Route #29 Eastbound

Missed stops: From 7th & Berry, to Crittenden & Eastern
Next nearest stop: 7th & Nobel, Eastern & Bradley