Rider Alert

#RiderAlert: Minor service changes to begin January 22, 2023 for Routes #10, #19, #23, and #46

January 18, 2023

TARC is implementing minor service changes to Routes #10, #19, #23, and #46. Changes will go into effect January 22, 2023.
Please utilize the online pocket schedules with updated changes, available by clicking on each route below, or by visiting our Routes & Schedules page.

Route #10: This Dixie BRT (Route #10) will have a minor time adjustment with Northbound routes leaving Dixie Gardens 4 to 5 minutes sooner.

Route #19: This route will no longer service Lexington Road from Baxter to Payne Street. There will be an elimination of four stops Eastbound and Westbound along Lexington Road. The KYTC project on this stretch of Lexington Road requires us to reroute this portion of Route 19.

Route #23: Routes Eastbound and Westbound will have a slight time adjustment to accommodate new service trips to GE Appliance Park. These new service times will enter GEA through the Newburg Neighborhood.
Eastbound: new service for GEA will arrive at 12:55 p.m. and 1:40 p.m.
Westbound: new service for GEA will arrive at 10:54 p.m.

Route #46: This route will no longer layover inside Iroquois Park. Instead the layover will now be on Alpine Way. There will be an elimination of service on Kenwood Road in both directions. This route will now service Palatka Ave Eastbound and Westbound. Stops along Kenwood Road will be eliminated but the Route 46 will still be in a few blocks walking distance to Route 4 and Route 6.