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TARC3 Paratransit and Forms

The ADA states that TARC’s regular bus service should be the primary means of public transportation for everyone, including people with disabilities. Under the ADA, TARC3 will serve as a safety net for only those persons who do not have the functional capability to ride TARC’s regular buses.

Click the TARC3 Paratransit forms that meet your needs. These forms are downloadable PDFs:

TARC3 Rider’s Guide, TARC3 Application, TARC3 General Medical Form, TARC3 Cognitive Form, TARC3 Vision Form, TARC3 Recertification Application, TARC3 & Accessibility Brochure and TARC3 Subscription Application

Information about Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

TARC will make reasonable modifications and accommodations to its policies, practices, and procedures to ensure program accessibility. The nature of an individual’s disability will not preclude TARC from providing full access to its services.

Some exceptions apply. These exceptions include when the modification or accommodation would:

  • Cause a direct threat to the health or safety of others,
  • Result in a fundamental alteration of the service,
  • Is not actually necessary in order for the individual with the disability to access the service, or
  • Results in an undue financial and administrative burden for TARC

If you would like to request a reasonable modification to any TARC service prior to utilizing that service, you may do so by contacting Customer Service at 502-585-1234 or by email at The individual requesting the modification should provide:

  • Name, Contact information, The service for which the request pertains (provide specific route information), Paratransit, or access to a TARC facility; and the specific details of the modification request

ADA Complaint Form

If you would like to submit an ADA complaint to the Transit Authority of River City (TARC), please fill out the ADA Complaint Form.

TARC3 will provide Paratransit service for visitors to our service area who are eligible for Paratransit service in their home city.  Documentation from your home city will be required for service.  If you are unable to provide documentation of eligibility, please provide us with phone number or email contact for the agency that has previously granted you eligibility and TARC3 personnel will contact your home agency on your behalf.  Once eligibility has been confirmed, you will immediately be eligible for TARC3 service.

Visitors can contact the TARC3 Eligibility Office at (502) 213-3217 to request Paratransit service. Upon confirmation of their eligibility, individuals wishing to utilize TARC’s Paratransit service may do so for any combination of 21 days during any 365-day period beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service.  This is also a helpful service for those who have recently moved to the greater Louisville area and are awaiting their approval for Paratransit service for TARC.

Important Phone Numbers

TARC3 Eligibility Office: (502) 213.3217

Trip Reservations: (502) 560-0333

Trip Cancellations: (502) 560-0322

TTY: (502) 213-3240

Comments/Complaints: (502) 585-1234

For TARC customer service please call: (502) 585-1234
 • TTY (502) 213-3240

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