2024 Board of Directors Resolutions

As part of the monthly TARC Board of Directors meetings, the TARC Board may pass resolutions formalizing decisions made by the Board and actions relating to them. Below are a list of resolutions passed in calendar year 2024. You may click on the resolutions to view them.

Resolution 2023-11 On-Board Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) (RFP 20221777) – Amendment

Resolution 2024-01 Radio System Replacement (RFP 20231831)
Resolution 2024-02 Trapeze Standard Data Exchange (20241865)
Resolution 2024-03 Facility-wide Building Maintenance, Repair and Other General Construction On-Demand Services with IDIQ (20231798)
Resolution 2024 – 04 Establishment of Executive Committee of the TARC Board of Directors (“Board”) and Corollary Amendment of TARC Bylaws 
Resolution 2024-05 Reconstitution of Current TARC Board Committees
Resolution 2024-06 Trapeze Maintenance
Resolution 2024-07 Purchase of Diesel Fuel
Resolution 2024-08 Cooling Components
Resolution 2024-09 Executive Committee Charter
TARC Executive Committee Charter
Resolution 2021 – 24 Ellipse Amendment 1
Resolution 2024 – 10 Advertising Policy
Resolution 2024 – 11 Agency Safety Plan Updated
Resolution 2024 – 12 Purchase of Paratransit Vehicles
Resolution 2024-13 TARC EEO Program
Resolution 2024-14 Amendment to Resolution 2018-04 and Contract P-2720 for Tire Leasing and Servicing with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Resolution 2024-15 Nurse Triage TPA
Resolution 2024-16 Bus Wheel Chair Lifts
Resolution 2024 – 18 TARC’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget
Resolution 2021-20 Company Car Policy (Amended)
Resolution 2024-19 Bulk Oil Fluids Lubricants Final
Resolution 24-20 TARC-JCPS Memorandum of Agreement
Resolution 2024-21 TARC-ATU Memorandum of Agreement to CBA
Resolution 2024-22 Title VI Equity Analysis June 30 Service Changes
CEO Agreement 6-7-2024